I believe in God above.
I believe in Jesus’ love.
I believe the spirit too, comes to teach us what to do.
I believe that I should be
Kind and loving Lord like thee.

    In PreK-3, we recite the above prayer every morning. The underlined verse is posted in our classroom with handmade crosses lovingly created and tenderly glued on by a current student. We focus on being kind and loving throughout the day with everyone we encounter.  It is somewhat of a mantra for us.  Intrinsic kindness is especially acknowledged.
    Both PreK-3 classrooms have a a kindness tree.  When acts of kindness are observed by the teacher or children, the teacher instructs the children to add a heart to the kindness tree. Some examples of the intrinsic kindness we observe and acknowledge in PreK-3 are team work between friends, giving compliments to friends, teachers and staff, helping others in need, sharing, taking turns and just being a good friend. Finally, for a little fun, we “kiss our hearts” and acknowledge that our hearts are growing when we are observed to be kind and loving, Lord like thee.      

– Kimberly Mahony, PreK-3 Teacher