The arts are integral to the St. James’ experience. Steeped in the strong arts community of Baton Rouge, we offer unique experiences for students to engage in a wide range of artistic pursuits. By learning about elements of art, famous artists and the mediums used to create different masterpieces, our students learn about the creative process and how to get their art from concept to life.


Through music, students learn to express themselves creatively and explore the joy of musical expression. Each student discovers the joy and satisfaction of music-making through singing, creating, moving, listening, and performing, thus supplying the foundation for lifelong musical learning and understanding. Students have the opportunity to sing in the school’s choir and perform at annual music programs such as Grandparents Day or our Christmas Program. Our students learn the fundamentals of music expression in a joyful, rich environment.

Christian Education

Our school provides a warm, loving learning community steeped in the Episcopalian faith that reinforces the God-given dignity and individuality of each child as expressed through the Anglican tradition. Our spiritual education includes weekly religion classes for each grade, twice-weekly chapel services, and spiritual education and support from our school chaplain, Mother Lynn Hooks. Students take an active role in chapel service by reading lessons and leading prayers, serving as ushers and acolytes, and performing music.


The study of language at St. James reflects our mission to develop an appreciation for cultural differences and to engender in each student the skills, attitude, and character necessary for productive lifelong learning. Spanish lessons challenge students to expand their communication abilities and their understanding of different cultures using an immersive but individualized approach to language instruction. Spanish at St. James starts with our two year olds and progresses through to 5th grade.


Social-emotional learning and character education are integrated throughout the entire St. James experience. St. James’ robust social-emotional programming, led by our nationally-certified counselor gives students the tools needed to understand and manage their emotions at every age. Weekly guidance lessons teach students how to identify and name their emotions, how to cope with big feelings, and how to develop effective social and communication skills for success in middle school and beyond.

Physical Education

Physical education at St. James encourages a lifelong love of fitness to build active and healthy bodies. Our physical education program provides every student an opportunity for skill improvement in a developmentally appropriate environment.  Physical activities include movement skills, fitness, fundamental sports skills, rhythms, and cooperative games, and our curriculum adheres to national standards for physical education, including building social-emotional skills such as cooperation, team building, and communication.

Broadcast Studio

Our first-class Broadcast Studio gives students the opportunity to use video production as a tool for classroom learning. Equipped with studio lighting, a green screen, video camera, and microphones, students are provided with a space and tools that result in a more powerful way to tell their story. From a 2nd grade economics unit where students make commercials for their project stores to 4th graders producing tourism promotional videos for a unit on U.S. states to interviewing candidates for student council for the weekly school news show, Bayou St. James, the Broadcast Studio provides a fun, stimulating place to write, direct, edit, perform and create.


Students develop an understanding of STEM concepts through observation, inquiry, research, and experimentation. A state-of-the-art STEM lab allows students in PreK-3 through 5th grade to explore science, math and engineering using project-based learning and to use technology to innovate, problem-find, and problem-solve. From coding and robotics to virtual reality Mobile Immersion Labs, we integrate leading-edge technology into the classroom to enhance learning and empower students to explore, examine and create, preparing them to be problem solvers at school and throughout their lives.


Our library is the information center of St. James and the hub of the language arts and literacy program. Students build essential informational and digital literacy skills, helping them become informed and balanced members of the school and the community. Our librarian teams with classroom and enrichment teachers to facilitate research projects and to instruct students on library resources and research tools and help students navigate these resources successfully. A partnership with East Baton Rouge Library River Center Branch located just down the street provides students with a wealth of additional databases and resources.

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