Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is a subcommittee of the Vestry of St. James Episcopal Church. The Rector of the church appoints the members, and each member serves a three-year term. The Board meets every month, with the exception of June and July, with additional meetings as needed. The Rector, Head of School, Director of Accounting, and Parents Guild President also serve on the Board as non-voting members.

2022 – 2023 Officers

President – Tyler Gray

Vice President – Angela Domingue

Secretary – Drew Reilly

Treasurer – Brook Harvey

Term Expires 2024

Angela Domingue – email
Tyler Gray – email
Drew Reilly – email
Jared Soileau – email

Term Expires 2025

Robyn Bentley – email
Brook Harvey – email
Casey Little – email
Manette Sammons – email

Term Expires 2026

Gordon “Skeet” LeBlanc – email
Bettsie Miller – email
Preston Q=Petersen – email
Aza Walker – email

Ex Officio

Alan Miller (Vestry)
Otey White (Vestry)
Chris Duncan – email
Bridget Henderson – email