Day School at St. James

In PreK through 5th grade, our Day School offers an integrated and accelerated curriculum designed to exceed national and state standards. Our teachers use a variety of innovative teaching practices in their classrooms to foster collaborative efforts such as project-based learning, problem-solving groups, and authentic assessments. Instruction is differentiated to meet the unique needs, interests, and abilities of our students. Innovation is at the core of our instructional practices, appropriately integrating technology into lessons to enhance the learning and engagement level of students.


Our English/Language Arts curriculum is focused on the development of strong independent readers and skilled writers. To achieve this goal, teachers in the primary grades use a guided reading approach. Students are taught in small groups, using a variety of leveled fiction and non-fiction texts to become strategic, independent readers. In grades 3-5, the instructional focus in reading shifts to the development and application of core reading comprehension skills through whole class, small group and independent reading, including novels, short stories, poems, informative articles, and historical texts. Students at the upper elementary level are taught to read, analyze and compare multiple texts on the same topic.

Math & Science

Our math curriculum addresses both the math content and the math practice standards. Teachers help their students become mathematically proficient by encouraging them to engage in the math practices of explaining their math reasoning, attending to precision, using mathematical models and drawings, and persevering with problem-solving attempts.

Our teachers help students acquire new math skills and concepts through structured hands-on learning activities. Through the use of Singapore math strategies and other problem-solving techniques, students learn to apply their math knowledge to problem-solving situations. Students at all grade levels are encouraged to use mental math techniques, along with calculation skills, to demonstrate their math proficiency. Through classroom inquiry and project-based learning, students explore science topics. An integrated curriculum approach supports the acquisition of science topics in the reading and writing instructional program as well. Weekly STEM lessons support and enhance the classroom science curriculum. 

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At St. James, we believe in educating the whole child and therefore have an array of enrichment classes that development the spirit, creativity and body of our students”