In the month of September, kindergarten math is all about getting familiar with vocabulary! During the month of September, kindergarteners in Mrs. Hume’s and Mrs. Miller’s classes are studying math by learning new vocabulary. For their spatial awareness unit, students used positional words to define the relationships of objects to each other such as “below,” “above,” “beside,” “between,” “inside,” “in front of,” and “behind.”  

In the lesson extension, the students took turns drawing cards and positioning their bear correctly in relation to the “bear’s house.” Some students took it a step further and imagined what the bear might be doing on top of his house–for example, enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate while watching shooting stars! They concluded the lesson by singing and motioning along to the song “We’re Going On a Bear Hunt.” Students were excited to show off their understanding of spatial concepts by acting out motions such as “climbing over the bridge” and “tip-toeing into the cave!”